Ensuring a World Class Board of Directors
Both the NYSE and NASDAQ require member
companies to conduct an annual Board Assessment.

I engaged Rob to assist us on organization, strategy and operating challenges in several companies over the past 15 years. His approach is down-to-earth, pragmatic and driven by the data. He worked collaboratively and effectively with our executive teams to facilitate the development and implementation of strategic plans, organizational and operating model changes that helped drive business results.

Ron Cooper
Former EVP & COO, MediaOne
Former EVP & COO, AT&T Broadband
Former President, Adelphia Communications Corp.
Former CEO, ClearChannel Outdoor Americas

VIA Partners centers on the management consulting practice of Rob Davis. Rob has 30 years of experience assisting senior executives at Fortune 500 companies in making and executing difficult decisions about their business direction, operating model, organization design, brand, governance, and operations. His many clients consider him a trusted advisor.

Rob also has specialties in conducting independent board assessments for publicly traded companies, and in working with industry associations charged by members with resolving industry-wide strategic issues.

VIAs clients are often C level executives who are moving into a new company or a new role, who need assistance reviewing strategy, organization, and operations and then charting a course that has the buy-in of their new direct report team. While Rob works in a wide range of industries and functions, many of his projects have been in the cable, media, technology, and advertising industries.

In all of VIAs engagements, the guiding philosophy is that implementation starts on the first day of the project. This means that throughout our work together, there will be a healthy focus on both content and process – content to make sure we have the right facts to make a decision, and process meaning the right people are engaged to ensure buy-in and fast-track implementation of change.

Beyond Robs solo work, VIA Partners is a network of leading consultants who have experience working as part of a VIA team to assist clients in strategy, brand, research, organizational effectiveness, technology, and operational efficiency.